Greater Atlanta

Regional Network

for College Admissions Counselors

The Greater Atlanta Regional Network (GARN) is a community of professional college and university representatives from two or four year academic institutions who serve youth and their families in the Atlanta area. These networking opportunities will provide support to those that are regionally located in the Atlanta area and who work from home or at a university sponsored regional center.

GARN is committed to collaborating with high schools and college counselors to provide educational access and resources centered on each student and their needs for their future endeavors in higher education.

Regionally-Based College Admissions Counselors in Atlanta

Georgia Probe Partner

The goal of the GARN community is to educate and prepare high school students in learning about higher education.

To Advocate
Our GARN Goal
To Educate
To Serve

GARN advocates for the access of the underprivileged and underrepresented students through efforts and events such as SACAC's Legislative Day.

GARN aligns with anti-racism and supports the Black Lives Matter Movement.

GARN educates students about opportunities through attending both Georgia PROBE and Non-PROBE events, arranging visits at high schools, and cultivating relationships with high school counselors and personnel.

GARN serves its members, community, and schools through professional development, service, and social opportunities.  Past projects have included volunteering with Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Atlanta Community Food Bank.